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  • good

  • Excellent service - I thought I'd bought 1m coins and hadn't received them, turns out I'd paid for 10m coins! The site let me know and bought them within seconds. Brilliant!

  • Thanks Lily for you support. She was the only you really help me after several hours without any reply. Thanks

  • Brought 3 times and no problems at all! great service

  • Fantastic website got my coin in 1 sec thank you

  • Best site for buy your coins!

  • wow it took 2 mins koooo I love this site

  • Will definitely be using again.. I bought coins for Fifa 14 not 15 on ps4 and I even managed to sort it there and then on the live chat and received Fifa 15 coins instead. Top service took 10 minutes

  • Excellent service very helpful online chat ☺

  • The customer service is absolutely terrible (past experiences), but I can't complain because they are the cheapest coins on the market and I got my coins in less than 10 minutes.

  • The only place I'll buy coins for fifa 15! Ordered so many time always get them with min. Just ordered 10mil and got it in 10 min. Great job guys!!

  • Got over 8 orders, never had a problem with Utfifas. And also important, you will recieve your coins really fast!

  • that's fuked up why do people leave negative comments ? I have made over 35 transactions with utfifas and I always get my coins in 5 minutes this is one of the cheapest coin sites there is as well

  • amazing thank u I got my 2500K

  • This site was so helpful with me! At first, they couldn't find the player I posted. Eventually, they alerted me to the fact that I ordered 4000k instead of the 400k I posted. They could have easily just given me 400k and I would not have known any better. After informing me, I posted for 4000k and got it! I was amazed by their honesty. Maybe the earlier posters are correct about being mistreated. I only know that they treated me better than I expected.

  • Guys This website is amazing and will deliver your coins !! People say about it being a scam but they are not! I have ordered 6 times and got every order! heck i even chose them to sponsor me !!!! THESE GUYS ARE LEGIT AF 10/10

  • So far the cheapest coins I bought (I found a bit cheaper but they were not responding and were not as reliable). The delivery was the fastest one ever and I bought the coins without any sort of problem. The best service I've used. Plus, they gave me a cool discount so that's also appreciated.

  • received payment fast good service

  • Received coins after 30-40 minutes, good price!

  • got my coins, u just gotta wait stop being impatient, these guys are humans, not robots.

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