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FIFA 15 is suffering from chaos bug

"FIFA 15" is out in stores.

But maybe the game is released too early - at least for computers.

Numerous PC gamers complain namely over an astounding chaos bug that destroys all matches.

Bugs are commonplace in "FIFA" games. But mostly it's about fun graphical bugs such as players merge, legs contorted and grass that suddenly rewarded with the same characteristics as quicksand.

Then the strange chaos bug that affected many PC gamers with new "Fifa 15" significantly worse. At kickoff runs namely all players, including goalkeepers, in the plane as if they were magnetically drawn there.

At Electronic Arts forums and the 26-page forum thread about the bug, and by all accounts the user a3685930 seems to have solved the problem - by changing the name of their computer. The bug seems amazingly enough only affect those who have a short name on his computer and by entering a longer name circumvent it.

- Incredibly, the user Sczcepanik. To rename the computer actually works. Bug disappears. My old computer name was "i7", changed to "EASUXi7" and now the game works without problems!

In anticipation of Electronic Arts manages to patch the bug, this may therefore be an effective solution.

This is not the first time the American gaming giant released "unfinished" game. "Sim City" and "Battlefield 4" was too big problemhärder at launch and it was not until several weeks before the worst bugs are ground off.

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