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FIFA 15 remain positive reviews

This month saw the launch of a market leading product that flew once again above the competition, based on a brand and reputation that come by since the launch of the latest version of the fans that has become a pop culture phenomenon.

No, I'm not talking about the new iPhone, but it has to be said that EA FIFA Soccer franchise is more than a little in common with Apple's revolutionary smartphone.

Despite the fact that only minor, incremental improvements were introduced last year, is making a good impression among its fans.

Like the iPhone, FIFA 515 faces competition from rivals who could possibly claim to produce a superior product, but it can only generate a fraction of sales rumors or cultural.

Both contain features and frills you wonder how you did without them and they are cleverly designed to continue to generate maximum revenue from each customer after unboxing time.

Unlike FIFA, the iPhone is not able to make you jump out of your seat in delight (or falling to the ground in despair) in a last-minute goal - there's an app for that, yet.

As any fan that has remained up to 5 who knows your hopes and dreams crushed by a handful of irresponsible millionaires; football is a game of emotions; and the role of flagship FIFA 15 is the introduction of what EA says more than 600 events emotional reactions in the game.

While that sounds like an exaggeration (100 emotions fight name, let alone digitally recreate 600 of them can be done in the virtual face Wayne Rooney) new expressive and animated players are the most noticeable improvement in this edition. This is the first FIFA to benefit from a complete development cycle on new platforms, and it shows.

Players are more accurate and realistic stages are carefully recreated to the trenches and every blade of grass reacts to a sliding tackle or ball.

Comments also been revised, with analysts frequently mention recent events in world football where appropriate and commenting on the behavior that might be seen as unusual for a particular player or team.

Cosmetic enhancements are but what really matters is how you play FIFA and feels it is obvious that this is more than retouched refinement - it's a completely different game and for the most part better than its predecessor.

While FIFA 14 emphasized the pace and power, which require you to have the ball forward as quickly as possible, this edition slows things down and makes you work on maximizing your possession and ball retention.

A step is critical and the satisfaction you get from a perfectly weighted ball or layout separation pass defense available an archery is unquestionably more pleasant than to break the back of the net. The change of pace is nice, though as with each update FIFA, putting a new style of play and learning without all your old tricks involves a period of adjustment.

Already as additional news, sales have been very good for this edition of EA FIFA because across Europe has been a exist and in countries like Brazil also in the rest of Latin America has had better sales than its predecessor compared to what had been sold to date. In the United States, however, has not been as high sales and had created expectations, is that even though football has gained some notoriety in the country, remains well below other sports there.

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