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FIFA 17 is An Enjoyable Experience

The biggest criticism I have with the gameplay against the AI within FIFA 17 is that it feels so rigid, all the teams still felt very ordinary. It seems to be, no matter who you play, they play a similar next team. Whether it is Everton or Real Madrid. Which is given to FIFA 17 PES 2017 a bit frustrating opponents have a system that allows each team's style of play is different, depending on their playing style. Playing style of the team, because FIFA 16 has improved, but it is still not what we want to level. 2 resides in the league the team should not play football like Barcelona or Bayern Munich. Although I have a problem playing style of the team, I still enjoy the game thanks to improved ball physics as I mentioned above, the new attacking options, your teammates AI for you. It's just a shame that the difference was FIFA team also limited.

Physical confrontation was given a new lick of paint and new trapping and dribbling shield 360. The new system can be used to capture both defense and attack to create space. Competition for the position of the ball, has now become like a game of chess. You can use it to help when you want to give up for his teammates overlapping run, or stop an attacker from like rushing to get the ball defensive point of view to use it more attacking options. With all this time I have with it a large number of short-term effective. As dribble shield 360, which now give you screen out defensive player, and dribble in any direction and at the same time select I personally do not have any major problems with it in the off-line play, my first concern is that the Internet can become even more during a frustrating transfer window Arsenal fans Wenger waiting to get a check whether it is too much.

The new ball was taken for physical work, it feels good is more realistic than ever. A new header down, low driving shot, and now hit by the same power supply used "Passing a purpose," the ball (which is hit by a square one shot, and then you connect with the ball is about to complete) is introduced into the system He worked well and any problems that did not happen from my time with the game. FIFA 17 is a different beast compared to what happened before, and now released. Although the point of view from the surface it may look very similar, there are a lot of games that will take time to learn and internal adaptation.

In my time with FIFA 17 EA game show in Cologne, I had to see the full version of playing you take control of Alex Hunter Brigade model opportunities. I do not want to talk about how it started and where I am with my time and manner, because it will destroy many of those who do not want to know anything. However, I will say that I enjoyed my time and manner. Yes, it's cheesy in writing, but I did not really expect the Oscar-winning writer come in, take the rule. It gets its own unique style, I can see it is a very popular model, as long as the longevity is there. This type of model has been extremely popular NBA 2K series within the past Clearly, EA needs an action in this regard. It will be interesting to see how they use it to FIFA 18.

All in all, FIFA 17 is a pleasant experience, though it may not have to run all cylinders now frostbite engine, I still enjoyed my time with the game. The last FIFA title. I really like is FIFA 14, so for me because I am with FIFA 17 is showing a series of progress. It will take the crown to be the best football game in September? Who knows PES 2017 years is a fantastic title, it would be up against. I only know from my playing exhibition games in Cologne, we are likely to have different ideas, but in the end, whether playing soccer great game for different reasons two football fields match.


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