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FIFA 17 launched at FIFA World

At the FIFA World Soccer Museum a crowded crowd watched defensively FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) champion Muhammad Al-Pasha in Germany, Austria and FIFA 17 for the first live match win over Wolfs Fort of the four German champions Benedict Saltzor of Switzerland. Huang Qifan has been building in recent months worldwide as EA SPORTS FIFA's latest version of the release date is getting closer.

Crowded into the FIFA Museum's sport bar in 1904 eager to FIFA fans get an exclusive preview of the exciting video game unveiled on Monday 26 September 2016, which is open to the public and also sees FIWC 17 official announcement - Complete new formats, new bonuses and new features. Now, in its 13th edition, the final stage of the biggest international gaming competition will be held in London, England.

EA SPORTS? FIFA 17 will officially be released on September 27 in North America on Tuesday and the rest of the world at midnight on September 29. However, the World Cup Soccer Museum has loaded 10 people to play the new game consoles, they watch Al-Pasha after playing France, defeating Saltzor, playing Germany, 1-0 thanks to the defensive midfielder. Joseph Matuidi.

"FIFA 17 is really amazing - it's going to be much harder than old, but so you need to be more skilled, not lucky, it's a good thing," Muhammad al-Pasha told FIFA Museum.

"It was a wonderful experience for me to play in front of these spectators and on these giant screens at the FIFA Museum’s sportsbar. It’s something that I don’t get to experience every day and it was even more special because we were here in the home of football history." Said the reigning world champion.

"I would love to see the exhibition here and my dream is to be able to meet my idol Ronaldo.He is very active on the court and his style of play is similar to that of me on the console - at least I think so" Al Joppa summer!

More than 2.3 million players participated in the 2016 edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, but only 32 players were eligible to exhibit at New York City from March 20 to 22. Denmark's Muhammad al-Pasha defeated England's Sean Allen in the final after the crowned champion. Back in Zurich and at the end of the game the whistle sounded at the FIFA Pavilion event, where fans of the happy crowd enjoyed their new FIFA 17 game, so many left the first tastes - some even letting them test their opposing chances Like Al-Pasha and Saltzor.


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