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Fifa 15 back on the field with more realism

The latest edition of the game facilitates the tips, and among the new features, it also introduces a strategy for wasting time.

Studies of Electronic Arts Vancouver, those in which it develops the series Fifa , should be armored and more like Area 51 If it is true, in fact, that the software for military use are always at least a generation ahead of the latest put in trade, the regularity of the evolution of the video game world's most popular - to edition revolutionary are always followed by a couple of adjustments - suggests at least two years ahead of the novelty of the game on the shelves. In 2013, Electronic Arts designed a very innovative gameplay, in which the defense of individual and collective, took his revenge on the many years dominated by the attack.

The edition of 2014 (called Fifa 15 because it referred to the year in which the season is closed), just out and already topped the charts in sales - more than one million pieces expectancy in Italy - seems to return back slightly helping control of the ball tips: a natural adjustment, in fact, perhaps waiting to see what the historic rival Pes s'inventerà to reduce a huge gap now.

FIRST NEXT-GEN - After the adjustment last year, due to the questionable period of the launch of PS4 and Xbox One (now out in big games), Fifa 15 is the first edition developed for the current generation consoles, and the limit photorealism is almost achieved: the presentation of the matches are broadcast-quality, movements, expressions and celebrations of the samples are replicated to the millimeter, the outline now verges on perfection with the audience that seem to animate each in his own way. Of course not, but what matters is the effect. Among the other innovations is the strategy for wasting time and risking that for more when you're at a disadvantage, but unfortunately there are still coaches, we would have liked to see Bielsa sipping his coffee while sitting on the ice we launch his attack Marseille . Among the new rights acquired there-tournament series A (this year the Football League is a partner of the game) and we hope that it increases the number of players played: those of the Premier League and there are almost all in our second-tier teams abound anonymous faces.

The latest addition to the microphones, the commentary is provided by Pierluigi Pardo and Stefano Nava, who added nice introduction outlines the history of the various clubs. We are not yet in the fifa coins field of education as is the case with Assassin's Creed , but it's a start.

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