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Games Come 2016 FIFA 17 Preview

 FIFA is back to FIFA 17, which has a lot to talk about. A new engine, new game elements, nothing seems to be the main talking points, when the game was officially announced.

First, let's talk about the frostbite engine took over from the ignition engine. I have been asked if the new engine has been changed and a series of large-scale all honesty, it is now no. Graphic there, especially at close range with the package and the details of the player's face looking smoother and more realistic compared to the weird and awkward looking player models, we used to get from the Ignite engine. Although the player's face in FIFA 17 look better, they still have a strange 'mud' to see the amount of detail they lack PES 2017 players face to see. They are better this year, but still needs improvement. Visually the game camshaft perspective, it has been used a little better lighting and more detail, but no big improvement this year. It still looks very familiar to what we saw before in the series. Words, we must remember that this is a new engine, once the development team get frostbite engine with FIFA series provides a potential fight in the EA, I'm sure it will be a huge leap in what they can from it get the series. Give it a year or two, I am very confident that we will see in the series most of the graphics and game elements in a large number of improvements.

From the perspective of the game, FIFA 17 there have been many changes at this time. Let's start with EA is calling for 'kit rewrite' things. Essentially, they have completely changed the penalty, free kick and corner system, which is how before they are completely different, to be honest, although I actually like the new style "target mark", you can be anywhere aiming corner, penalties and free kicks I feel broke. Perhaps this is because I have not studied the system as of yet, but it does not seem to feedback on any kid's display screen, and help you understand how to take any penalty or free kick. I have a penalty, and (more on that later) play the tour mode, it is very likely that I ever had, because I've been playing the worst football game penalty. I practice, I hope the new system will be more readily understood.

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